International Documentation

International Documentation

PAPERWORK GUIDE For International booking

? KYC (see format)*
? Invoice (see format)* on letter head – 7 copies - duly signed and stamped having shipper & consignee details, description of contents, unit price, total value in USD$
? Packing List (in case of multiple boxes) on letter head duly signed and stamped
? Single piece Consignments weighing more than 32 kg will not move as Sample
? Consignments under a Single Airway Bill weighing more than 70 kg (multiple boxes) will not move as Sample.

Chemical Analysis Report (Laboratory Report) attested by a certified Laboratory,
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) having 16 points
Non-Dangerous/Hazardous Certificate (NDGC)
Photocopy of IEC
Copy of last shipping bill Copy of the ADC sheet - self attested

For Electronics (manufactured in India)
? Photocopy of IEC
? Samples exceeding value of INR RS.24,999/- would require a Bank Remittance waver declaring that no monetary transaction is involved in the deal mentioning the part being exported.
? Non-Dangerous/Hazardous Certificate For Electronics (manufactured outside India), "REPAIR & RETURN ARTICLES" If a Shipper has imported an item, of which part or the whole is found to be defective, and the Shipper wishes to return it to the supplier for repairs, the following documentation is required for customs clearance:
? Original Import Bill of Entry
? Original Import Airway bill copy
? Original customs attested Import Invoice which should clearly state the serial/part number of the item imported
? Certificate for Repair & Return from Bank giving name/serial number of the product
? Guaranteed Remittance Waver from Bank
? A letter to the Asst. Commissioner of Customs, IGI Airport, New Delhi, stating the reasons for Import & Return and also whether the shipment will be returned or not.
? Customs may request for a Chartered Engineer's Certificate.
? Non-Dangerous/Hazardous Certificate

For PERSONAL EFFECTS (Unaccompanied Baggage)
Copy of Air Ticket
Copy of Visa
Departure certificate of the Airline
Letter to Customs stating that these goods are of personal effects
Letter of Employer in case of Transfer-Employment

For Carpets
? Fabric composition – Woolen, Cotton, Silk percentage
? RCMC copy (Registration cum Membership certificate)

For Automotive Parts/Engineering goods
? Non-Dangerous/Hazardous Certificate ? Serial number/part number of the product with HS code

For Garments/Fabrics
? Fabric composition of the garment
? Particular name of the garment – Pant, Shirt, Top etc. It should not be referred in sets but dispersed

For Handicrafts
? Indemnity certificate
? Fumigation certificate for wooden items
? Fabric composition of made ups

For Leather ? Leather declaration
? RCMC copy (Registration cum Membership certificate)

For Food Commodity
? FDA/MFG license copy
? Chemical Analysis Report (Laboratory Report) attested by a certified Laboratory,
? MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) having 16 points
? Non-Dangerous/Hazardous Certificate
? Photocopy of IEC
? Copy of last shipping bill

For Commercial Shipments / Freight
? Photocopy of IEC (Importer-Exporter Code) incorporating PAN NUMBER (Permanent Account No.)
? 7 copies of Invoices – having Invoice Value : F.O.B. (Freight on Board)/C.I.F.(Cost, Insurance, Freight) / C&F (Cost, Freight)
? Packing List of each carton (box) in case of multiple boxes
? S.L.I (Shipper's Letter of Instruction) duly filled & signed
? APPENDIX II - Banker's details - A.D. Code (Authorized Dealer Code), Nature of A/c.
? DRAWBACK Sl. No. - Shipments claiming drawback should have account with PNB IGI AIRPORT (Punjab National Bank - IGI branch)
. Drawback Serial No./Ledger No. should be mentioned
? Rubber Stamp
? OLD SHIPPING BILL - attach and old shipping bill previously done through EDI system to avoid any problem
? S.D.F (Self-Declaration Form) - having Payment terms (proof / mode)

Nature of Payment: Letter of Credit/Delivery
Against Acceptance/Direct Payment / Advance Payment, Period of Payment
DOCUMENTS CHECK-LIST FOR IMPORT EXPRESS Provide us the name/address/contact numbers of sender (at destination) & reference of our client (in India). On the basis of this information our counterpart will approach the sender to organize pick up of material. Upon arrival of Import in India, Receiver will submit IEC copy, GATT declaration, End Use Certificate and Catalogue of the imported product indicating its value. Duty & taxes needs to be paid upfront prior to release of Import.

? SHIPPER INFORMATION: Name of the Company, Contact Person, Address including city/zip code/country, street/road, block/dept, Telephone/ext. no/Mobile of the sender.
? CONSIGNEE INFORMATION: Name of the Company, Contact Person, Address including city/zip code/country, street/road, block/dept, Telephone/ext. no/Mobile of the sender.
? SHIPMENT DETAILS : Give a full description of the items being shipped, Weight (Dimensional/actual), Invoice value & a Invoice in prescribed format only duly signed/stamped

(See format for Invoice attached separately) Every sample must be accompanied with a invoice. A Invoice is a legal document tendered by the sender declaring the contents, its value & purpose of sending duly signed & stamped by the competent authority. This declaration should be on the letter head in case of companies & in case of individuals it should be typed/signed along with his/her KYC ( know your customer identification proof ). Below is a detailed step-by-step guide to help you complete a Performa invoice correctly. All fields are mandatory. A invoice must state the following:- (On Company Letterhead)
? Date ...........
? House Airway bill ...........
? To: Consignee name, address and telephone number.
? From: Shipper name, address and telephone number.
? Contents: Full description of goods, Value, Unit value, along with the total value of the shipment.
? Reason for export i.e. sale, repair, trade, samples, personal use.v
? Country of origin: Country in which the goods were manufactured.

INDEMNITY CERTIFICATE for Fragile shipment s
Please note that we will accept no liability for the packing, the customer remains responsible for ensuring that packaging is adequate for transportation. Do not consider "Fragile" and "Handle with care" labels as a substitute for careful packaging.
They are only appropriate for information purposes. A Indemnity certificate is required to be on a safer side in terms of liability. As per International norms this Indemnity Bond is a mandatory requirement to be fulfilled at the time of dispatch of the consignment

Important Guidelines for International Bookings
? Fuel Surcharge & Service Tax will be charged extra as applicable
? Remote area fee of Rs.24 per kg with a maximum of Rs.1500 will be charged for all remote area locations
? Address correction charges, RTO charges will be extra
? The tariff is mainly meant for Documents & Samples.
? For Freight/Commercial Shipments & IATA restricted items like Powders, Electronics, Chemicals, Liquids etc. please contact our helpdesk +91-11-9711613876
? The tariff is not meant for Single piece Consignments weighing more than 32 kg.
? The tariff is not meant for Consignments (multiple boxes) under a Single Airway Bill weighing more than 70 kg.
? The tariff does not include Duty or any other charges levied at Origin and/or Destination
? For final Invoicable Weight , applicable charges will be based on either Volumetric or Dead Weight ( ie Actual Weight ) whichever is higher :

Volumetric weight calculations (in cms.) = Length x Breadth x Height/5000
? SPOT PRICING is available for Consignments above 70 kg. please contact our helpdesk +91-11-8588862288 with following details:- Country, City, Zip Code, Description of Contents, Weight, dimension of boxes
? Carriage of consignments are subject to origin paperwork requirements.
? KYC Compliance is absolutely mandatory ? All non Documents ie Samples should compulsorily accompany Invoice as per prescribed format
? DOX above 2.5 kgs will be charged as SAMPLE ? Samples exceeding value of INR Rs.24,999 will require a Guaranteed Remittance Waiver certificate from Bank
? All other IATA Terms & Conditions of Carriage stand applicable


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