Vpex Logistics Service Offerings
? Annual Reports Dispatches & Deliveries
We have earned expertise towards Annual Reports Dispatch & Delivery Services that have benefited our esteemed customers who send large quantity of Annual Reports Dispatches annually.
? Mass Mailing Courier Operations with Hub & Spoke methodology
We have earned expertise towards Mass Mailing Services that have benefited our esteemed customers who send large quantity of mails, envelopes, brochures etc at periodic intervals.
? Express Air Parcel Services
Beneficial for those customers who do send small and large parcels which must be delivered on priority.
? Movement of Heavy Cargo through RAIL.
One of the most popular & cost effective modes of distribution is core competency of our organization.
? Reports tailored to suit individual business model.
? Electronic data exchange /online information exchange.
Advantages & Benefits of Vpex Logistics
? Improve knowledge of your business
Provide your organization and all the people concerned with a more intimate knowledge and holistic view of our operations. This can help achieving your products/services positioning by your people for your customers.
? Improve efficiency
Ensure that all the members of your organization know what each other is doing i.e. increase partnership, common use of best practices and reduce the likelihood of people duplicating efforts of using some other vendor or working in isolation that could deny any optimized effort.
? Encourage open communication
Encourage a culture of open communication, collaboration and information sharing on availability and quality service provider amongst teams and management to make best use of the courier and dispatch facility.
? Add value to your services
Add value to your services and operations by bringing increased innovation, intelligence and adding extra mileage towards decision-making and strategy development on end product delivery. Like net tracking facility movement of your shipment and updating information with Electronic POD.
? Keep pace with change
Improve your ability to keep pace with the speed and scale of change in today's marketplace while service or product delivery being counted on optimized lead time with accuracy and safe delivery to give customer delight as ultimate winning synthesis.

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