Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Validity of proposal: 30 days from the date of proposal. Unless otherwise stated clearly and explicitly at the time of starting of the service, all details indicated in this proposal will be valid for any reference in future.
2. Statutory Compliance: All Non-Dox/parcels should be accompanied with 4 copies of original invoice and declaration. The consignor is solely responsible for providing the necessary statutory forms required for interstate movement and Insurance on the shipment have to be made by the shipper/consignor.
3. Co-ordination: You will nominate a person from your side (Preferably from the dispatch and facility dept.) to be as chief co-ordinator with us to ensure smooth flow of operation, data capture, updating information with total execution of our responsibilities. While we will work seamlessly between us and if there is need a for co-ordination with any other external agency in future during the tenure of this agreement, the nature of mutual responsibilities should be spelt out beforehand, unless such co-ordination is within the responsibilities of the chief co-ordinator from your side.
4. Security compliance: To maintain security on the pick up and delivery of your shipments it may be necessary to set up from time to time some procedures, processes and protocols which should be adhered to without fail looking at handling specially high value items or security products. This is especially important if handling of these items is being made specified by you in advance with quantity wise.
5. Tenure and termination of the agreement: The agreement for this service should run for a period of minimum one year with options for annual rate revision upon mutual consent. Termination of this service can be done with one month prior notice or payment of the average monthly fees for a month, in any case such notice can be given only after an initial period of three months from the beginning of the service agreement.
6. Consequential damages: We do not carry any liability to any party for any consequential damages by virtue of any natural calamity like bad weather conditions, monsoon, floods, cyclones, political disturbance Riots, Law & Order problem etc.
7. Transit Time: Transit time as per the scheduled transit chart subject to change due to unforeseen reason like any natural calamity mentioned in the clause no 7 or else shipments held for delays occurring sue to bureaucracy or govt. rules, including any other statutory/regulatory agencies. Delayed deliveries due to flight, train delays off loads etc.

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